Okay… I’m going to go catch up on my sleep because… ugh… uuuuuuggggghhhhhhh….


Anonymous said: I'm also a little curious about demon who went after asshole boy. Does she live with you? What's it like? If you don't want to answer, I understand. Just figured I'd ask.

It is… complicated. She isn’t mine so much as she is my friend’s. My friend and I’s lives are somewhat intertwined, though, so occasionally the entities in our lives are also shared. C, the demon, is from my friend’s personal history, which I don’t feel comfortable sharing. However, C has been a little restless lately and bugging my friend (in that sort of ‘come out and play’ manner) and has been popping up symbolically in unexpected places, sometimes in the form of a voice that is unmistakeably hers. 

When an entity of any sort, not just demons, is present, it sometimes is in the form of a voice or a dream or something mystical like that. But it can also be in a symbolic manner: a flock of a particular bird, a particular tarot card showing up in readings too much, the brief scent of gardenias. 

This can affect emotions and how I react to things. In the case of C, it brings out a petty, somewhat childish side that can be quick to violence. While that’s pretty scary to think about, we do keep her around because she is the keeper of another entity that we like and unfortunately we can’t separate the two. 


Anonymous said: I'd never really thought about why Pagan guys get on my nerves, but your description sums it up pretty accurately.

Its not ALL pagan guys, but I think that there’s a personality type that is amplified when in pagan circles and I have a hypothesis about why that is. 

I think that because pagan groups/gatherings attract a lot of people who are kind of outsiders and just weird kids, persons with manipulative personalities see this (consciously or otherwise) as an opportunity to be the loudest voice in the room. I have a feeling that this is why a lot of kind of gross people end up in leadership roles in the community. 


Anonymous said: Re-watching Charmed on Netflix and I just want to pet them and go, "Shhhhhh not all witches are Wiccan shhhhhh"

I have this knee-jerk reaction whenever I hear them use that word incorrectly and its just… ow… 


Anonymous said: Do you have any book recs?

The majority of my path is through self-discovery and finding things out for myself, so I’m sorry but I don’t. 


xephyrdoll said: Good for you love, best of luck if you haven’t lined something else up.

I don’t, but I’m also trying to focus on moving to a new city. I have enough skills that I can get a job just about anywhere. 


cosmicpoet said: … could I possibly hear more details? Highly interested. Also, how’d it feel?

So here’s the scenario.

I’m doing tarot readings at Warmfest and its your usual mixed crowd: most of them are either interested or scared of divination, but a good 10% are familiar enough with tarot to realize that my deck is something different and strike up a conversation about how this is one that I made for myself (oo-aaahhh)

Well, a few days ago I was talking about how a certain personality type isn’t specific to one gender or one demographic, but there is a specific archetype of male pagan that I personally find insufferable. Those that recall the stories of The Coven Guy know what I’m talking about: very center of attention, very ‘I am the weirdest person here,’ ‘everything is significant and everything means something and I know exactly what it means, pay attention to me!’ They use the words ‘I discovered’ and ‘I’ve found’ and the follow it up with the same regurgitated stuff you find in most books on the occult. 

I have come to accept that this is a thing. 


I let him handle my deck and look through it and he is enthralled by the fact that I not only have a personal relationship with my deck but that I also made my own. He flips to the Warrior card and says ‘I see there’s a lot of fae inspiration in this deck.’

'I'm not sure how you mean.'

He points to the figure (whose name I can’t release, but we will call her C) ‘That’s definitely a faerie.’

C gets a little angry, but passes it off as a common mistake. Whatever. ‘No, actually my inspiration for that one was a demon.’

He shrugs, throwing his hands up. ‘Pfff… same thing, different names.’


And when C screams, its kind of a high-pitched tea kettle sound, so I kind of got this pained look on my face that he failed to notice. In fact, he failed to notice the majority of my facial expressions. This is another common thing for that Type. 

Well, he put the deck down and walked away, but he seemed to think that we clicked spiritually or something (which we didn’t because he kept saying things that struck me as pretty offensive.. but this isn’t that) and kept coming back while he was on break at his own booth.

The entire time, C is yelling at him and I’m biting my tongue. 

Until he starts flirting with me. 

Then I get a little fed up. 

And C gets quiet. 

I can take care of him for you, if you want. 

I have to think this over for a few seconds. You may.

And then I feel an absence. My head is quiet. I don’t see that guy for the rest of the festival. 


I have decided that I am going to quit my job. But not just a normal kind of quit. I’mma do it in a haiku:

Wasn’t worth my time

To officially resign

I’m burned out; I quit. 


I may have… accidentally… sent a demon after a certain someone of a certain… archetype… 

… wooooooopssssssss…. 

but in my defense… she volunteered. 


I am quoted on the news as saying ‘we’re Hoosiers, gosh darn it.’

I’m a local meme.