I feel like I come to the realization that one can, in fact, crave boobs at least once a month. 





…. Goddamnit. 

The very important story I wrote about very important people closely resembles the plot of an episode of Charmed… 

I started a novel once. Then I saw Firefly. Stopped writing the novel. :(

Write the novel anyway. there’s only so many stories.

You should have seen my face when someone compared The Bend to Twilight… 


When you contact a publisher about your book, consistently they will want three things: query letter about you (particularly mentioning any other publications  you’ve been in), the first 2-10 pages of the book, and THE PITCH.

What is the pitch, you ask? Its a one-to-two paragraph synopsis of the story meant to entice the reader. No endings. Don’t go on about character development or themes or prose or all that junk. They want the quick and dirty. They want something cut up into little bits for easy digestion. 

The Elevator Pitch is the pitch you can deliver if you meet the publisher in the elevator and can explain the gist of your novel to them between the first and 10th floor. YOU KNOW HOW THEY DO THAT?

You take TWO THINGS that already exist and you SMOOOOOOOSH THEM TOGETHER. 

"Oh, what’s your novel?"

"Dresden Files meets Darkwing Duck."

"You have my attention."

So having something that it closely resembles isn’t a bad thing because if Firefly is really hot right now, guess what publishers are going to be looking for. SHIT LIKE FIREFLY. Like half of them won’t care if its quality. Does it got space captains and do the guns go pew pew? They’ll probably bite. 

Notice how all the vampire books come out at the same time? Its because someone at the publishing company sees the trend and gets dollah signs for eyes. 

You make that easy for them by saying things like “Interview with a Vampire, but in space.” “Pulp Fiction meets Heathers.” “The Simpsons Movie but in a tacky tourist shop.”

If you can compare your thing to a thing that exists and is popular, then you’re one step ahead of a lot of people. This is advice that I have gotten from every published author I’ve ever spoken to. 

  1. gingerblivet said: That was one of my favourite eps. Same with the similar one from Buffy. I guess I just like sanatorium stories?
    ignore gingerblivet
  2. traegorn said: It’s an old trope. Buffy had an ep like that too

I realize that its a trope but its just kind of like…. ‘ugggggghhhhhhhh….’

And the one in Charmed more resembles my story than Buffy’s in that the end goal was for her to give up their powers blah blah blah. Though mine was darker. 

They stole the idea from me, man. I wrote it, they saw it, and then then went back in time to make the episode to make it look like I was copying them. 

They’re witches. They do that. 


gingerblivet said: Oooh, which ep?

"Brain Drain," Season 4. Piper is fooled into believing that she’s actually in a sanitorium as part of a ploy to get her to relinquish all three of their powers to The Source. 

It only vaguely resembles “Cannot be Taken,” which is about how Felix broke his sister out of a mental ward. Vaguely. But still its like…

…fucking damnit. Every time. 


…. Goddamnit. 

The very important story I wrote about very important people closely resembles the plot of an episode of Charmed… 


urban-toker said: Looking to follow more pagan blogs. What do you suggest?


Sorry for the very late response. It’s been a hell of a week.

Soooo, pagan blogs? Hrm. That’s a tricky question, since a lot of the blogs I follow 1) Are personal blogs with some pagan content 2) Are occult or witchcraft blogs that aren’t explicitly pagan 3) are witchcraft blogs that are explicitly non-pagan 4) are fandom blogs that I am interested in or that I feel have relevance to my understanding of philosophy or magic

Truth be told, I’m not really sure which of the blogs I follow are “pagan blogs”

Here are some of the blogs and bloggers that I am most enamored of:









This is by no means a comprehensive list of good blogs here on Tumblr, and I don’t want the people I left out to feel unloved. (But Tumblr stats say I reblog these people most.)

And I’ll point out, Mr Toker, that should you have a free afternoon with nothing else to do, my blog’s main page lists all of the blogs that I currently follow, and that exploring them at your leisure might be illuminating.


If you’re interested more in my personal faith and practice, I would suggest my pagan blog travelingwitch. But if you don’t mind following my personal blog, I should warn you that its mostly ranting about my terrible hotel job, writing woes, arguing with my characters/art, and con adventures. 

  • Martin: You better take care of this knife and use it for what its supposed to be for and not like.. scraping gunk up off the floor.
  • Me: I'm not going to start slashing throats open just because that's what you think this knife is for. Besides, you use it to clean under your nails.
  • Martin: I just don't want this thing getting covered with waffle batter like the last one. Totally loses its ambiance.
  • Me: And the orange rind stuck in the latch from when you were peeling fruit...
  • Martin: There was a sick little girl involved. You can't judge me.


Do you ever just… crave boobs?

I’m craving boobs… 


-watches that ask get popular-


There goes my secretssssss…


dirtroadsandwildflowers said: How the FUCK. What brushes were you using on that? How the hell were you getting multiple colors with your brush? WHAT WITCHCRAFT HAVE YOU BEEN BLESSED WITH?!

I only have access to Photoshop CS2 and I’ve only had it for about a month since my computer died. So I’m using a basic hard-edge round brush on various opacities. Sadly, CS2 does not have the same pressure-sensitivity that CS5 had, so its all one uniform size. Womp womp. 

The multiple colors with one brush comes from making a gradient map adjustment layer. See, underneath the gradient map, the painting is black and white:

The gradient map takes all the blacks, whites, and midtones and assigns a hue of my choosing to them. This essentially gives me color scheme to work with. Alternatively, if I don’t like the color scheme I’ve chosen, I can pick another without totally messing up the composition:

(actually, I kind of like that better. I’ve always been fond of that dusky color palette.)

 But in any case, the gradient map is like any other layer: you can mess with layer styles and opacity if you want to turn down the hues for something a little easier on the eyes. 

I figured this out completely by accident and made a thing out of it. xD