Pretty sure I’m being followed either by a trickster god or some kind of fae.

Couldnt find my purse or keys when I went to take care of my brother’s boar (I dont feel like explaining it, just accept and move on) so I grabbed the nearest purse and spare key. Got home, grabbed the bag that has my old laptop in it and my thjmb drive and head out to the repair shop to drop it off.

Get to the repair shop and start freaking out that my thumb drive is missing and figure that I dropped somewhere. Look in the bag that has my computer and theres my purse that has my keys. Take computer in, come back out…. find the thumb drive tucked into my wallet in the other purse…. and 20 dollars.

I don’t even know what to make of this.


Summer is here and that means I get to watch everyone I know post photos from their weddings.

I’m happy for them, really, I am.

But im starting to feel a little spinstery here. I mean, I’m not ready to get married right now but you know it would be nice to have the option.


Body switch episodes will always be at the top of my list of tropes. I love seeing actors try to mimic theirs costars mannerisms.


I ship myka and hg wells. I admit it. I am not ashamed. Science fiction bisexuals forever.


theladyvulpe said: On the glass dildo subject, they are great for temperature play so hot or cold, easily cleanable they can go right in the dishwasher, can use any type of lube with them so no worries there, and they have the most interesting textures and shapes! (my other blog might be a sex toy review blog...)


I should just give him a link to your other blog! xD

The glass one is the first one that we repeatedly use. All the rest have been kind of like… wtf is this thing in me? Plus, they have a lot of heft. K like a dong I can use as a weapon.

Mom and I are playing a game.

Mom and I are playing a game.


Hard drive failure, yaaaaaaay!


And now I have to drop everything for a wild boar. 


No seriously this dream was so freaking badass. There were three of us in the car and this old dude pulled the driver out (I think we were in a taxi) and took the wheel and drove us out to the middle of nowhere. He turned around like he was gonna say something and I just kicked him in the head until he stopped moving, got out of the car, threw him to the side of the road, and drove back like… ‘who wants to go for a drink?’





Sometimes I forget that being into witchcraft is being into a fringe category of society. It’s just so normal for me. 

This happens to me. I’ll just be like… casual conversation, mention something witchy… people get scared. 


Sometimes my Witchy life and my Work life overlap. Occupational hazard of working in an herb store, I guess. And sometimes I get into a conversation with a client and we’re totally on the same page and in synch and all that, but I open my mouth and say one small ‘Universal Truth’ and suddenly they’re like “Whhhaaaaaaaat?”

Sometimes you can hear the record scratch…

I do it more when I’m doing tarot readings than I do at work, so its not too bad. People kind of expect you to be a little witchy when you run a psychic booth. But sometimes you surprise someone and they put their hands up and leave. 

And I’m like… COME ON, DUDE!