apparently ;-; I ended up losing all the work I did on my submission (minus the original which THANKFULLY I did traditionally this round) on top of 2-3 books I was writing. It sucks :/

Ew. That happened to me before and its just like… 

AAAAAAAAAAH. AAAUGH… UGGGGGGGH… urghh… whyyyyyyyyy……?


dirtroadsandwildflowers said: I can’t wait to see this <3 I lost the lineart and coloring for my submission when my laptop hard drive died so now I’m waiting on a friend to send me a tablet so I can redo it an submit it finally. I’m excited.

Oh god, did everyone’s hard drives just die simultaneously? Because that’s what happened to mine! (Took a three-week story project and a piece I did for a memorial with it and I am not happy.) Luckily I got sent the post about the artbook after the crash, so I did it on the new computer with a new art program. This was kind of my testing-testing 123 

Its’ great. The love triangle is cliche as hell but the witchcraft in it I think is wonderful.

Sadly, I just kind of expect a terrible love triangle in television. I just ignore it. 


absentasia said: I had a lot of anxiety about submitting to the Vampire Art book but I feel better knowing you’re doing it too because I love your art but you’re also super approachable and I don’t know it just makes me feel more at ease about it.

This makes me feel better about submitting, too. <3 

The more I look at art books and anthologies and stuff, the more I realize that the only thing that’s holding me back from submitting is myself. (Well, that and if I don’t actually have something to submit). The worst that can happen is they’ll say ‘no.’ I am learning that when that happens, more often than not its a mark that you just weren’t what they were looking for instead of a reflection on the quality of work. 



Let’s try… Witches of East End… 


Part of the reason I’m a little hesitant to go hang out with this girl is that she’s very religious and when I talk about tarot she seems interested but also a little judgy. So she’ll say things like ‘isn’t that against Christianity?’

And I’m like… dude, I haven’t been a Christian in about ten years. How the hell would I know what is and isn’t Christian and how does it really matter to me?


That’s the one! Girlfriend sent me the page on it and I was hesitant at first because I try not to do vampires in my universe much (town in my stories is more of a werewolf kinda place) but Mae and I have this idea about siring where there’s a big wedding-like ceremony and I thought… that would be pretty cool to get out into the world. 


Just sent some art in to a publication about vampires. 

I hope its vampire-y enough. 


Im just reminded of the scene in Maleficent where she tries to undo the curse but can’t because she put the clause in the original spell saying that ‘this cannot be undone.’ 

IFKR? I get squicky feelings about binding someone to me and not giving them/ me the option to leave if it’s not what we want anymore. That’s just fucking creepy. Careful what you wish for, man. I’ve seen love spells end up 50 Shades of “oh fuck”

Not so much love spells because I think that they can be beneficial with a light touch. (I’ve used spells to get people to open up to me, to attract friendships, and to keep someone in my life and I’m perfectly fine with that.) The issue is really in long-term spells that don’t have a back door. For example, say the stars all align and a spell I do makes me famous. With fame comes scrutiny, scandal, paparazzi, stalkers, the whole shebang of terrible mess. I’m going to start wishing I’d never cast the spell. 

I personally prefer to do a spell that’s ‘one and done’ and takes care of an immediate stress factor so I can work out the major problems as I need to. (For example: work was stressing me out and the root of most of it was one particular employee. Did a spell, she quit. Work is tolerable again.) In my life, taking care of the small things helps me take care of the big things. 

But then, I’m also the sort of person who can’t plan more than six months in advance, so there is also that. 

In any case, love spells can backfire hardcore, which is why I personally advocate working on the minor issues before I make a leap to life-binding. There are plenty of spells to mend a broken heart.